In Memory of Forgotten Australians – Leanne Hawkins

Betty Lane (nee Weekes also known as Pannowitz) often telling her children of her experinces of physical and mental abuse when she was placed in a Catholic Girls Orphanage in Bathurst from aged 3 to 8 years along with her two older sisters. Then she was placed in another institution from 14 to 18 years. Leanne (nee Pannowitz also known as Lane) is second generation children’s church home survivor along with her older brother Neville and younger sister Jennifer after being placed in care by her mother when she could no longer cope, has compiled this EP from some of her experinces from her past. The song’s tell some of her story. Leanne went to 9 schools, finishing school in 2nd form(year 8)with moderated marks.

When children are treated appallingly, constantly placed under physical, mental, and sexual abuse, very little positive outcome is possible. With little or no education, family life or skills to build on, these 500,000 children are now adult’s. Many have had families who now also bare the scars of the damage. Too many of us still fight everyday with depression, alcoholism and drug abuse. Some are no longer with us.

Please read and the apology from our Prime Minister, Mr. Kevin Rudd on November 16th 2009. Go to

To our little sister Annissa born with fluid on the brain, who died at 3 years of age. Little angel you deserved so much more but received so little. In those days babies and children with special needs where automatically institutionalized. The Senate inquiry into the Forgotten Australians 2004 tells stories of these babies and children strapped to potties all day or babies like Annissa where just left lying in cot’s. Annissa died after she had several experimental operations to relieve the fluid from her brain, which an infection had set in and killed her.


1. Momma
2. Born with a Label
3. Woman that I am